Current Issue: #3

Issue 3 Editorial

Welcome to Issue 3. The New Year has well and truly arrived, bringing with it a bunch of changes here at Scape HQ. All of them are good. Promise! In 2012, we’ll continue publishing four or five amazing YA... Read More »
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Issue 3 Poetry

Each issue we’ll feature poetry that captures both the YA voice and elements of the fantastic. Ken Liu is our first featured poet, with the dark and evocative ‘Seven Haikus from Ye Xian’ and ‘Mother, I Always Knew It... Read More »
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No Spaceships Go

Dylan paused atop a pile of rubble and stared toward the colored corrugated roofs of the barrio. He wondered if his parents had left a place like this behind in United Korea. They never spoke of those years and... Read More »
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Double Dutch

I know what he sees — a scrawny girl with no boobs and a shriveled grey cord that sticks through a hole in the middle of my dress and curves over to my mother and up between her legs... Read More »
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The Empress and the Comic

All was well until one day an unexpected visitor arrived. The courtiers gaped as I served him tea in a garden pavilion. I didn’t blame them. My guest’s scuffed leather jacket and fitted canvas trousers were a sharp contrast... Read More »
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Fish Bowl

The two men returned the following night. Mortimer rose to the top of the tank and looked down on them again.  They’d come at the same time—when things were slow.  They brought the same peculiar presence with them—the quietness... Read More »
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