Our Artists


Erryn Barlow

Illustrator for ‘Buried Treasure’

Erryn is a Melbourne based artist and designer who specializes in painting and drawing. She is currently studying interior design. Erryn has always been drawn back to art, after finishing school she completed a diploma of visual arts that opened her eyes to the possibilities of the creative world.  For a few years she was drawn to the dark side of consumerism and toyed with the idea of getting a mortgage. So she worked like a dog in administration for not enough money, but has now found a happier place in design. Most recently she has done some commission work in portraiture and enjoys immersing herself in decorative styles and colour themes. Erryn can be found on Facebook or contacted at erryn02 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Galen Dara

Illustrator for ‘Double Dutch’

Galen used to hang out in the dark with her sketchbook, mining the nooks and crannies of her brain.  Nowadays she keeps herself out of trouble illustrating for books and magazines, dabbling in comics, etc. She has  illustrations in Rigor Amortis, Cthulhurotica, Crossed Genres, Sunstone, Broken Time Blues, and the forthcoming Fish anthology.  She collaborated with John Nakamura Remy on the graphic novel, Traitors and Tyrants, published in Monsters and Mormons.  Galen is the Art Director for Dagan Books, and blogs for both the Inkpunks and the FunctionalNerds. You can find her on Twitter @galendara.

Stephanie Martin

Illustrator for ‘Letters from the Monster Show’ and ‘The Empress and the Comic’

Stephanie Martin is an art ninja living in the Seattle area. Like Van Gogh’s Starry Night, her favorite painting, Stephanie has a depth to her talent that is layered, rare, and beautiful. Inspired by the world around her she craves to draw, sew, and bake the limitless ideas she thinks up. Even though she works a regular secretarial job during the day, her life has been filled to the brim with art and creation. From selling paintings to art collectors when she was still in high school, to gifting plush creations to her favorite game developers — Steph doesn’t believe in limiting herself to a single medium.  To view Stephanie’s creations, visit her deviantART page or her food blog. To contact her, follow her on Twitter.


Paul Nicholson

Illustrator for ‘the Flower’

The urban landscape, dumpsters and hard rubbish are the starting point from which Paul finds his materials and inspiration. To Paul, hard rubbish is a graveyard of old ideals, the resting place of technologies superseded by bigger, smaller and faster. He tries to rescue these objects and ideas from their obsolescence and give them a new life, context and reinterpret them through sculpture, drawing, painting and animation/video. Paul considers obsolescence a relative, not absolute, term in the world of technology. To view Paul’s gallery, or contact him, visit his website at www.paul-nicholson.com


Aidana WillowRaven

Illustrator for ‘Take Apart Their Nightmares’, ‘The Dictionary’s Apprentice’ and ‘Fish Bowl’

Aidana WillowRaven, mother of three, was trained in Fine Art, Studio Design and Animation at Norfolk State and Old Dominion universities.   She has illustrated and/or designed over 100 books through her company, WillowRaven Illustration & Design Plus, in Tennessee. Her work has won numerous awards, and has been published in several magazines, and has earned her guest appearances at various conventions, as well. To view Aidana’s gallery, or contact her, visit her website at WillowRaven.weebly.com.


Peter Winton-Keirl

Illustrator for ‘The Terrarium’ and ‘City One’

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Peter Winton-Keirl is a Digital Painter.  He thoroughly enjoys noodles cheap enough to be dangerous, suits so expensive they confuse bats, and is allergic to superphosphate. During Pete’s senior years in highschool, he was told what secret agents actually do and he immediately stopped academia to instead pursue an educational career in not knowing just what to do with himself. That didn’t pay terribly well and now he paints pretty things while the whipcracking madman behind him throws money into the air, laughing and drinking chocolate from the [Censored] …and so currently his career builds steadily enough to keep him interested, but, not steadily enough to contain his excitement for creating strange new images for brilliant clients. To view Peter’s gallery, or contact him, visit his website at sunnytokyo.daportfolio.com.