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This Serious Moonlight

When I was younger I had seen my father tied to the tree regularly, as if he was operating on some kind of cycle. But later he stopped submitting so easily to the ropes. He would try to trick... Read More »


That’s when I lost it. I sat down in the mud room and I started to cry. I thought about calling my parents but I knew they wouldn’t believe me. Same with the police. And I wouldn’t in a... Read More »
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Review: ‘Girl of Fire and Thorns’ by Rae Carson

Elisa is chosen by God, marked for an act of service for His people. But she’s also the youngest of two princesses, overweight, and has never done anything remarkable. She’s sure she never will. And now, on her sixteenth... Read More »

Issue 2 Editorial

It’s been a long time coming, but Scape Issue 2 is finally here. I don’t want to make this post entirely about me, but I do feel I owe readers and contributors an explanation.  So, let’s just say that... Read More »

Issue 1 Editorial

Ten years ago, a little film about a bespectacled orphan and a boarding school for magic hit cinemas.  After that, in train stations, cafes, libraries and lounge rooms the world over, books by J.K. Rowling could be found in... Read More »

Young Adult Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror: Speculation or Formula?

Readers and commentators might think that contemporary young adult fiction is nothing but formulaic romantic fantasies involving supernatural beings of one type or another in steamy scenes to stir young hearts and hormones. Read More »

The Flower

The truth was, Daniel was darned impressed by the flower. He was four years too young to be a novice Guildsman but his father was in the business, so he got to go outside the dome more than most... Read More »