Issue 1

Issue 1 Editorial

Ten years ago, a little film about a bespectacled orphan and a boarding school for magic hit cinemas.  After that, in train stations, cafes, libraries and lounge rooms the world over, books by J.K. Rowling could be found in... Read More »

Buried Treasure

Thalia dropped to her knees and dug away the sand around the turtle’s head.  Its black eyes stared up at her from beyond gently angled eyelids.  She could feel the weight of history in its gaze.  She imagined it’d... Read More »
02 April 2011 | Issue 1 | |    

City One

In some quarters they are liked, in others merely tolerated, in others still it is said they carry magic and as such each bears a price on their head. But liked or feared or hunted, in every Quarter they... Read More »

The Flower

The truth was, Daniel was darned impressed by the flower. He was four years too young to be a novice Guildsman but his father was in the business, so he got to go outside the dome more than most... Read More »

The Terrarium

Sam ducked down the dead-end passage that ran between two of the makeshift classrooms where it was dark and he could be alone. He retched up the fear with his hands cupped tight over his mouth; he hadn’t lost... Read More »
30 March 2011 | Issue 1 | , , |    

Take Apart Their Nightmares

They’d always be back. Weeks could slip by between visits, months on those odd years when the magic was never quite right, but they’d always be back. Sarah didn’t know what her father thought he could do to stop... Read More »